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Need answered please HELP. I am bald, but hate the shiny look. Is there a substance out there where it will take the oily or shiny head away??  I like the shaved look, but not shiny? Need advice here.   Thanks, Mike  

 Hello I have a question. ďIs there an electric razor that gives your head the type of shave the Mach 3 does, plus is there an electric razor for men or woman that you wonít have to shave for weeks?" Thanks, Tony  

I am bald and have been using clippers to take on the total look for a few years...My problem is that I have a few tiny bumps on and around the top of my head that the doctor says is Foliculitis...does anyone else have this problem and any suggestions as how to make it go away. Thanks, Eric

When I shave my head with a razor, by the morning, stubble, appears again.  I hate that!

I am also looking for an electric razor for my head? Any recommendation? Woody

I am thinking of shaving my head on Saturday I had my hair dyed blond about 4 months ago and starting for a barber shop to get it done. Great Site Ronald Allen Jr.

I am having a problem with bumps on my scalp.  I have been bald now for a year.  I've never been able to use a razor on my scalp.  So to get around the razor, I use clippers that cut almost as close as the razor.  It looked just as good as if I used a razor.   But for the past few months I have started bumping very badly.  Do you have any suggestions/recommendations? Norman

Just wanted to say this is a cool site! I'm from the Netherlands and have been shaving my head for nearly a year now, before that I had buzz cuts for as long as I can remember. Robbie. Netherlands

I want to know what I can use to make my hair bald like some of the basketball player. I just want to know what I can use to make my hair bald so it wouldn't grow to quick. Please tell me.
Carl Whylly.

What do these famous people shave their heads with? David Q 

In the photo of the HeadBlade on your front page you have the blade on backwards!  It won't work that way!! Don't know where you got the picture from...but you lead with the blade!

 Hey guy's cool site, Just wanted to add my 2 cents.
I just went to the cue ball look too and love it! My wife had to be the biggest change, she can't keep her hands off me now;)I wish I had done this along time ago. I also use the Mach3. Awesome close shave but I hate the floppiness of the blade esp when doing your face. Try doing your ears from the front when doing your face works much better I think. I will post a pic soon. I use Banana Boat after sun cream after a shave, feels great.

I have shaved my head 3 times. Each time I didnít like it for the simple fact Iím trying to find the sleek bald look  I donít want any hair at all and I donít want to even see the coloration of my hair. I have tried a lot of stuff but nothing seems to work. I really want to shave my head again. If any one out there can help or has different ideas please let me know. Wade M.

I am a woman and started shaving my hair off. I love the feel of it and it gives me confidence. Amanda Jenkinson.

 Does anyone have suggestions for getting rid of the hair shadow?
   Never shave against the grain at the nape of your neck. After I shave I apply ALOE VERA GEL and also apply 1% cortisone cream  just a few drops that helps with any irritation .

Alan. bbc in Va.

 For David from Pearl, MS - I use a Mary Kay product called Oil Controller - you will still have a nice shine but after a few minutes to soak in, it doesn't rub off on everything like your natural hair oil, and seems to do pretty well at keeping the oil controlled (hence the name).  It's nice to have a 'forum' with product reviews & tips. I've seen some similar sites come and go - hopefully this one sticks around! Kyle, St. Louis, MO

 I am 38yrs old and only 2 months into the smooth head thing, I must say I LOVE IT. I had very long hair for most of my life so when I cut it down to an everyday look a few years back it seemed as if I had lost something. With baldness I feel that I have now regained, My originality. Who knew that being bald could be so cool.
       I'm using the Gillette Mach 3 razor and shaving foam along with Jergens Minimizing Naturally Smooth Shave Lotion. I must tell you if you give this stuff  (Jergens) a chance it really work. And don't forget a dab of baby oil to shine it up.
        I think I will stay Bald (to the bone) for some time to come.
James. Boise ID
  I just started balding out about 3 weeks now. I use the Mach III and have a serious case of razor bumps and burn.  I don't know what else to do. I shave against the grain for a closer shave. It's no problem except for at the back near the neck line.  Anyone have or had this problem?   Please help !!!!  I love the baldy but hate the Bumps.

The Reg Man
 Aveeno Shave Gel. This is the only product that has eliminated my rash and irritation completely.  Highly recommended.

The HeadBlade. I really wanted this razor to work. I gave it several tries with the Ultra & generic blades.  One thing I had a problem with was the fact you have to shave with two razors Ė one razor for your head & another for you face...why?  I found the HeadBlade to be awkward around the ears. It did a great job on the back of my head. Plus if you have any small pimples or bumps the razor will shear them off. Ken.

 Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for having my picture, as Photo of the Month!! (April) Those are my twin girls (Carrie & Carlie) giving there Dad a smooch. Also wanted to say thanks for the T-shirt!! It is already getting much wear and of course lot's of attention. Just a note to all of you surfing this site..if you have not put a order in for one of the should. Keep up the great work here on the site and everyone keep the comments and product reviews coming...they are helpful. Until next time, keep it shining!! David.

I have a full head of hair, but have been shaving since Thanksgiving 2002. I love the look and feel of the smooth head. I've been using an el cheapo BIC razor and cheap shaving cream. I wet my head and soap it up. It takes me about 15 minutes. I've started shaving every day. I find it hardest to shave around the ears. I didn't find using the Mach 3 any better. Just came back from a cruise and got a little burnt, but the color is now even. I find that my hair is not growing as fast now and my head is more used to the daily ritual. I use a styptic block if I get a bad cut. I get about 5 days use from the razor.
Stu. Brooklyn, NY
Stu, Glad to see you come to the shaving side. I don't know how you use the cheap BIC, that would leave way to many cuts and burns on me. Plus I use that new Neutrogena Gel for men to shave with. The ears are hard for me too. I have started pulling my ear out of the way and shaving bottom to top, that way I can get closer to my ear.
Good Luck and keep Shaving.

Roger. Hanover, MD

I  have been shaving my head for about 3 years now and I have found that the shaving creams and the gels did not work very well for me. Then I found something on the internet called "Total Shaving Solution." It is all natural and really works well. It lets the blade of your razor (no matter what you use) just glide over your scalp without any drag or razor burn. It helps insure the closest shave without nicks/bumps/or irritation. Hey, I also have a question....I have very oily skin, a few hours after I shave my head gets really oily and has extra shine. Other than just blotting it off, does anyone know of a product that will help with this??? Just curious.
David. Pearl, MS

I have used the HeadBlade for about a month now, and I must say that when they say that you have to get use to it....they are not kidding. However, after using the HeadBlade for about a week, I realized that it is the best shaver out there for getting the ol' plate shaved smooth and without irritation. My advice to you is get this razor, give yourself some time to get use to it, and in the end you will be glad that you did. My head has never looked better. Mike

Better then the Mach Turbo & HeadBlade. I have tried them all and the Schick Xtreme works best for me. I've been shaving my head for five years. The Xtreme gives a close shave no nicks or cuts. Good price. Robert. NY,NY 
NO Way !! The Mach III Turbo is the greatest razor they have come out with for shaving your head and face. I was shaving when it wasn't even popular. I have used many different razors and found the Mach does it best. Ed. Dallas, TX

Thanks for the FREE pen and lighter with the Skull T-Shirt.  Fast delivery. Brad. Austin TX

I just started shaving with the Schick Xtreme III. I switched from the Mach III about 2 weeks ago and I love it. All those guys who use the Mach III should try this Schick. I would be interested to see what other people have to say. Steve. Corning, NY

Hey I love this site if I had to rate it 1 through 10 it would be an 11 !!!
Amanda. Rochester, NY  Thanks for the rating but tell us why you rate it so high?

Iíve been shaving my head for about 8 years. I started using an electric razor when I started. The pass several years I have been using the Mach 3. I have thought about switching to the Mach 3 turbo. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two is? Thanks, Rob Richmond VA

Does anyone have any suggestions about a good electric razor? When I use a razor on my head I break out bad. Iím looking for one that I can use in the shower. Dan. Tenn.



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